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CRF Events App

Download the CRF Events App! Quickly and easily navigate TCT 2021.

  • View the TCT program
  • Watch the TCT studios live
  • Communicate with faculty and attendees
  • Take the COVID-19 safety questionnaire
  • Evaluate TCT for CME credit (on-site attendees only)

Get it on Google Play

The CRF Events App is the essential guide to all conferences brought to you by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. On the home screen, you’ll find all CRF events listed in chronological order. To open any event, click on a card and the event will launch. From there, you can easily search the program and plan your schedule for any of our conferences.

Using the CRF Events App for TCT 2021

From the home screen and right sliding menu, you can access everything you need to get the most out of the app while you are at TCT 2021.

Browse the Program

  • You can select a TCT channel to view TCT Now (list of sessions currently happening) or TCT Next (list of upcoming sessions).
  • Tap Program on the app bottom menu or via the right sliding menu.

Browse by Day

  • Selecting a day will show all sessions available on that day. You can scroll through all presentations listed under sessions of your choice.

Browse by Session

  • Select a session to view the list of presentations within that session.
  • Search the program:
    • Access the search function from the app home screen or the program’s main page.
    • In the program, select the magnifying glass. Type in a keyword and tap enter to bring up a list of results.

My TCT: Plan Your TCT Experience

Personalize your CRF Events app by marking your favorite sessions, presentations, slides, speakers, places, and more.

  • To mark your favorites: Tap the heart. Your favorites will be collected in My TCT and categorized by sessions, speakers, places, and slides.
  • To retrieve your favorites: Choose My TCT in the bottom menu or via the left sliding menu.

Access Content of TCT

You can view slides and videos through the TCT Event Guide.

View Slides

Select a presentation and scroll to Related Content.

  • If the slides are available, tap View Slides to go directly to slides on the TCTMD website.
  • If the slides are not yet available, tap Request Slides. You will receive an email with a link when the slides become available.

View Videos

  • If on-demand video of a presentation is available, a movie icon will appear to the right of the presentation.
  • To view the video, tap the presentation and select Watch Video.

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